About Michael Presley

presleyBorn in Grenada, WI, Michael Presley migrated to the STATES (Brooklyn, New York) in 1978. Upon graduation from George W. Wingate H.S., he proceeded to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature at Stony Brook University. He has written various short stories, specializing in fiction. He continues to live in Brooklyn where he is working on his next book.

Michael released his 5th book, Blackfunk IV : ConsequencesOrder your copy today!

Stay tuned for Blackfunk – The Play, which is in pre-production mode. Rashaun is coming to life and he is sexier than ever. You thought the book was hot and steamy….wait until you see it live and in action. If you want to get the latest details about Blackfunk – the Play signup for our newsletter. We hope to see you at the theater soon!