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Autographed – Blackfunk Series

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Price : $30.00

‘Tis the Season of Giving and Savings!

The perfect gift for the avid reader.

Blackfunk IV : Consequences

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cover_blackfunkIVPrice : $13.95

Presley is back with Blackfunk IV : Consequences! This December find out which of Rashaun’s actions leads to mind blowing Consequences.

The Ultimate Collection

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Price : $44.95

It’s that time of year again! Snuggle up this winter with the Ultimate Collection by Micheal Presley. This collection comes with The Blackfunk Series plus Keisha’s Choice. Shipping is free on this item alone! Get yours while supplies last.


Tears on a Sunday Afternoon

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Price : $12.95
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Donald seems to have a good life: a palatial home, a flashy car, and as much cash as he can burn through. Problem is, everything belongs to his wife (who’s living in their home with her lesbian lover) and his father-in-law (who hates him).

Now, Donald is not your typical upstanding citizen–to say he likes to sleep around would be an understatement of epic proportions–but he does have one redeeming quality: he loves his son, Emerald, and he is desperately searching for a way to rescue him from his crazy, abusive home life. When a beautiful, seductive woman presents Donald with an interesting, if mostly illegal, proposition, he sees a way out. This hugely entertaining novel is peppered with graphic sexual descriptions and profane language, and readers with delicate sensibilities may be shocked. All others will be thrilled.

Price : $12.95
ISBN-10 : 1593091095
ISBN-13 : 978-1593091095

Keisha’s Choice

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Price : $9.95

Keisha is a promising high school student until she meets Dre, an aspring rapper who tries to control her life. Complicating matters is, Seazon, a guy the complete opposite of Dre. Will Keisha make the right choice, or will she be blinded by money, lust and fame?

One of these friendships holds an ancient promise that will for ever change the way Keisha sees things in life that matter most: family, friendship, love and herself.

Join Keisha’s harrowing journey in finding herself.

Blackfunk : The Trilogy

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Price: $30.00

Can’t get enough of Rashaun? Get the Trilogy!!!

This is what you get when you purchase the trilogy set
- All three books
- A Blackfunk bookmark
- $5.00 off coupon any Blackfunk Apparel

Blackfunk III : Whatever It Takes

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Price : $12.95

Blackfunk III : Whatever It Takes is the third installment in the Blackfunk series, the characters are playing for the jackpot. With an assortment of peripheral characters and the introduction of some new ones, including a priest with a sordid past, Blackfunk III promises to take you over the edge.

Rashaun finally learns to love himself and in the process finds a beautiful black woman. Everything he’s ever wanted begins to fall into place. Will Blackfunk reenter his life and end his dream?

ISBN-10 : 0970590334
ISBN-13 : 978-0970590336

Blackfunk II : No Regrets/No Apologies

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Price : $12.95

Blackfunk II : No Regrets/No Apologies picks up where Blackfunk left off. Presley’s sophmore masterpiece will take you from the courtroom to the bedroom, as the lives of the characters becomes unraveled before your very eyes. It is as raw and provocative as the original novel with a lot more passion and a stunning ending. Before you pick up Blackfunk II make sure you are prepared to go all the way.

ISBN-10 : 0970590318
ISBN-13 : 978-0970590312


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Price : $12.95

In a world where love is dying, sex is used as a weapon. Jealousy and hate feed on each other – dreams and reality become nightmares – a man and a woman will try to beat the odds before the worms have their say.

After seeing his woman torn apart by Blackfunk, Rashaun picks up the pieces and tries to love again. Andria, his intended love, had her share of problems, including the man who sent her to the hospital and later the psychiatrist. In a world filled with sex, betrayal and violence the two of them travel from New York to the West Indies. In the “Pursuit of happiness” they will have to overcome the ghost from the past, friends whose lives are falling apart and the bleeding of their souls.

ISBN-10 : 097059030X
ISBN-13 : 978-0970590305