Tears on a Sunday Afternoon

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Donald seems to have a good life: a palatial home, a flashy car, and as much cash as he can burn through. Problem is, everything belongs to his wife (who’s living in their home with her lesbian lover) and his father-in-law (who hates him).

Now, Donald is not your typical upstanding citizen–to say he likes to sleep around would be an understatement of epic proportions–but he does have one redeeming quality: he loves his son, Emerald, and he is desperately searching for a way to rescue him from his crazy, abusive home life. When a beautiful, seductive woman presents Donald with an interesting, if mostly illegal, proposition, he sees a way out. This hugely entertaining novel is peppered with graphic sexual descriptions and profane language, and readers with delicate sensibilities may be shocked. All others will be thrilled.

Price : $12.95
ISBN-10 : 1593091095
ISBN-13 : 978-1593091095

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